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Our fleet is mainly designed for the transportation of liquid chemicals and technical products.

Our tractors meet the latest Euro 5 emissions standard. Only fuel-saving tires with low rolling friction are being used.

The fleet is equipped with telematic-systems for monitoring and order data transmission.

The average age of the tractors is 1.8 years. This is a great advantage for trouble-free and safe transport handling.
Our equipment for liquid products is broad and encompasses many different types of tank semi-trailers and special swap containers.

From the standard 1-compartment semi-trailer with volume capacity from 24 to 37.5 m³ (approx. 850 to 1300 cubic foot) to 3- and 4-chamber semi-trailers with volumes from 30 to 54 m³ (approx. 1050 to 1900 cubic foot).

Many of our vehicles have heating equipment for transport of temperature controlled products. For customers who want to unload with limit indicators and / or ANA (dead man), we also have vehicles with this equipment.

For the transport of high viscous materials we use tipping tank containers. With this technique, the containers can be tilted at an angle of 45°.
In the intermodal transport our own fleet of tank container chassis for 20" - 40" containers is very flexible and customer specific.

Our equipment includes several 1 - 3 chamber tank containers with a capacity of 24 to 35 m³ (approx. 850 to 1200 cubic foot).

For the transport of acids and bases we have both conventional rubber-coated single-chamber semi-trailers and vehicles with rubber-coated 20" - 30" containers for the intermodal transport.

For the transport of mineral oils we have vehicles equipped with a hose system, pumps and calibrated counters.
With our new weight-optimized 1-chamber tank semi-trailers we can transport a payload of up to 26 tons.

Our fleet can quickly be adjusted to the needs of our customers and their products.
General cargo transports with curtain sider, box, tipping and insulated curtain sider semi-trailers are handled by Spedition Walker.
start Posthof GmbH history location BFZ fleet tank cleaning (TIRA) quality contact legal details
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